Kahuna Lm6800s Massage Chair Review

After a whole tiring day, one must need a massaging chair that releases all the stress and provides a comfortable experience. Finding the best suitable massaging chair that reduces body pain and makes you feel fresh is really difficult to find. But Kahuna Lm6800s is one of the best massaging chairs that one can buy without any hesitation.

Nowadays, many chairs provide several features, but some are comfortable for use. The comfort level of the chair and its relaxation ability makes a chair perfect for use. There are many brands, many massaging chairs but the Kahuna Lm6800s is my personal favorite one! The perfect massaging chair provides you with endless benefits and reduces suffering.

The muscles suffering and the nerve ache can be treated well by this chair which provides energy to the user. The energetic experience makes a person stress-free and provides a relaxing experience. The Kahuna is one of the best massaging chairs available in the market. Now it’s the time to free yourself from all the chronic and body pains.

Kahuna Lm6800s Reviewed

Kahuna Lm6800s
  • Colors: Black and Brown
  • Main Body: 70 x 30 x 33.5 inches
  • Net Weight: 199 lbs
  • Gross Weight: 220 lbs
  • Height Range: Up to 6 feet tall (possibly up to 6’2″)

The Kahuna Lm6800s is one of the best massaging chairs that provide special features. The massaging notes provide a relaxing sensation to the body and reduce stress. The remote control allows you to start the chair without making any effort. This massaging chair provides the following features that satisfy the user.

Kahuna Lm6800s Reviewed
Infographic: Kahuna Lm6800s Reviewed


This Kahuna Lm6800s massaging chair is of a space-saver design. Some chairs are too big, and they consume too much space in the room. But this massaging chair is of suitable design that saves space and has a suitable size. Its space build technology makes it multifunctional, and it creates less mess.

The Kahuna Lm6800s comes in a suitable design and size to be kept anywhere without worrying. For reclining, this massaging chair requires 2-3 inches of space from the wall. Its unique design brings an attractive look and provides a calming sensation.

Body Scanning (3D)

The 3D body scanning technique provides the proper relaxation to the specific points of the body. Wherever you feel pain and muscle stress, the body scanning provides a smooth massaging experience there. It scans all over your body and provides pressure to specific points.

Body Scanning (3D)

Before massaging, the chair scans your body by providing the proper fixing on the seat. Once you’re comfortably seated, the automatic scanning allows the rollers to hit on the points. This provides a satisfactory massaging experience and relaxing sitting.

Zero Gravity

If anyone finds this chair expensive, it’s because of the zero-gravity seating of the chair. The Kahuna Lm6800s is one of the unique massaging chairs which offer multiple zero-gravity seating placements. The zero gravity allows a calming and comfortable massaging experience.

Zero Gravity

It enhances the overall massaging relaxation and reduces the stress of the person. The rollers also provide a great therapeutic massage experience. It relaxes the overall body and reduces less pressure on the ground on it. This is best for the ones who are suffering from lumbar pain.

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Adjustable Features

The adjustable features allow the proper placement of the body to provide a comfortable level. The shoulder airbag adjustment provides full support to the arms. The headrest reduces the neck strain and allows a supportive area for the head to put.

The footrest provides relaxing sensations, which provide a calming experience from the legs to the head. The back padding allows spinal support and comfortable back sitting. The reclining of the chair allows a person to relax fully and avoid stress.

Massaging Options

Several massaging options are provided by Kahuna Lm6800s which relaxes each part of the body. Different massaging options are available depending on a person to choose accordingly. These massaging options focus on the main areas of the body.

The different massaging techniques available are rolling, kneading, Shiatsu, tapping, and a combination of tapping and kneading. These techniques provide a different and relaxing experience to different parts of the body. The lower back, the neck, legs, neck to waist, lower back to waist, etc all can be treated.

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Zone Massage

The rollers will provide a hitting sensation to the specific points after fixing them by the remote control. Once you have fixed a spot, it will hit on it and reduce all the stress and pain. This is a unique feature that allows one to feel relaxed and calm.

Zone Massage

It massages on the point where one is feeling distressed and the rollers keep on massaging 6 inches in diameter from that point. This feature attracts the user and makes it a bit expensive. The zone massage provides a therapeutic effect and value to the chair.

Heating Sensation

Another feature that provides a calming sensation is the heating of the massaging chair. Only some massaging chairs provide heat, and the Kahuna Lm6800s is one of them. The lumbar regions provide the heating sensation, which releases the stress from the lower back to the legs.

One can also control the heating element according to the release one wants. By turning on the option, you can provide heat on that part, or else you can just allow the messaging feature. The back and calf heat regulates your blood and provides you energy.

Stretching Function

Another function that the Kahuna Lm6800s massaging chair provides is the stretching of the body. The body stretch allows you to stress your muscle and reduces muscle aches. This stretch is basically called the ‘’Yoga Stretch’’, and just like that, it relaxes the body.

Anyone who is suffering from chronic pain can use this massaging chair for the best results. This chair provides immediate relief from all the body problems and muscle stress. The spinal disc problem can also be cured by its massaging effect.

Air Bags

This massaging chair consists of 38 airbags which are better in quality and provides a soft effect. The airbags allow a smooth massaging experience and relax the body. It provides a cloudy and light experience that provides peaceful sitting.

Air Bags

The airbags provide a cozy effect to your bones without pressuring them. It increases the cushioning effect and relaxes your neck, spine, and head. Most of the massaging chairs have this effect, but Kahuna Lm6800s provide a superb airbag experience.

Foot Massage

The airbags and roller that are present in the foot provide a relaxing foot massage. It also releases stress from the sole of the foot after a whole day of tiredness. The dual rollers distribute the stress at each side and allow a smooth experience.

Foot Massage

You can also adjust the intensity of the rollers according to your need. It can be controlled by the remote and solve all your issues. The foot massage also provides the heating element allowing the heat sensation, which reduces the stress on the foot.

Extra Features

Other attractive features are also available in this massaging chair. You can control the intensity of the massage by controlling it with the remote. The remote comes up with a light that allows the user to control it easily. The standard quality of the features makes it more unique!

Extra Features

The Kahuna Lm6800s consists of Bluetooth speakers which provide incredible sound. It also consists of the memory function, which provides a healthy pattern. The extra features provide more benefits to this chair as it beats all the previous models.


The Kahuna Lm6800s provides a three years warranty and standard quality features. For a healthy lifestyle, one can invest in it and can get the best results. The multifunctions of this massaging chair allow the beneficial effects and reduces the lower back and legs pain. Anyone suffering from chronic pain can select this chair for a relaxing experience.

For an up-to-date massaging chair, this would be the best option that one can buy. After an exhausting day, it’s your right that you sit on a chair that provides a calming and relaxing sensation. This chair is user-friendly and provides reliable results. So stop waiting and buy this chair as quickly as possible!

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