How to Fix a Wobbly Office Chair – Review

A wobbly chair in your workspace is the most unsatisfying or frustrating thing. The screeches and embarrassing sounds will not only distract your concentration from work but also destroy your peace or rational environment in a second. So it’s time to get rid of the shaky office chair by following a repair procedure discussed in this blog.

how to fix a wobbly office chair

How to Fix a Wobbly Office Chair

You can restore your seat with some fun steps that don’t need the additional cost or professional assistance. But before moving on to the steps, the examination is most important. All you need is to examine the chair from head to toe to find out the weak point.

First, inspect the bottom or base of the chair. To do that, you have to turn over your seat in an upright position. Start checking each of the wheels, and notice concentratedly for defects. Keep in mind that you’re looking for bents, defects, and comparisons in wheels. Secondly, move on to the chair’s legs and look for the cracks or dents in all four legs. After that, inspect the plate located on the bottom of the seat.

Once you have found out the fault, you need to fix it. For this purpose, you will require the following basic tools:

  • Marker
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Scraper
  • Wood Glue
  • Rag
  • Coping Saw or A Strap Clamp.

Before starting the procedure, make sure to gather the tools first. Doing this will make your work easier and faster.

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Step 1: Labeling Every Part Of Chair

You have to label the parts of your shaky chair with the help of a marker. Use numbering, lettering, or symbolic system as per your preference to label the chair parts. Please don’t use a pencil for labeling as it is not clear. The purpose of labeling is to remember the assembly of chair parts so that once you’re done with the repair procedure, you have to settle all the parts nicely in the required position.

Labeling Every Part Of Chair

Step 2: Disassembling

After labeling the chair parts, you have to separate the fragments. In this step, find the screw holes in the chair to unscrew them using a drill machine. Use a hammer for small pins or nails. Disassembling needs high precision, as a single mistake can lead to another issue. While hammering, try to be more focused on the target. If you haven’t done hammering before, then try a little practice for it.

Step 3: Cleaning

You have to be very organized and careful while disassembling the parts. Unite the fragments in one space so that you cannot lose one. Remove glue from joints with the use of a scraper. Chisel and sandpaper can also perform this task. Make sure that all joints or dowels are even and smooth before moving on to the next stage. It may take your time, but it is not difficult.


Step 4: Substitution

There is a possibility you will find a broken or wobbly dowel pin in your chair. In this step, you will replace them with a new one. For your information, Dowel pins are cylindrical-shaped constituents that are used to join logs or wood pieces. While replacing the pins, make sure to compare the size (length) of a new dowel with that of an old pin so that it fits perfectly. You can cut the pin by using a coping saw to make it small in size.

Step 5: Smearing Adhesives

Take a small brush and apply wood glue to the joints of your chair. Make sure to use a high-quality adhesive for joints so that joints will not break easily. In my experience, a double coat would give you better results. After applying the gum, join the fragments according to the labeling you’ve done in the first step. Ensure that each part is in the right position.

Smearing Adhesives

Step 6: Fixing or Binding

After smearing the adhesive, you have to tighten the fragments. In my recommendation, use the “strap clamp” for this purpose. A rope or belt can also fasten the chair’s body, but, strap clamp is the best option. After tightening, remove the extra glue from the joints with a rag to get a smooth and clean finish.

Why is My Office Chair Wobbly?

There must be several whys and wherefores behind a wobbly chair. Most commonly, one or two legs are shorter in height than others which causes a disbalance. Chairs are purposely designed to hold weight on joints. Sometimes joints become weaker because of overload. Timely, chairs get wobbly because of longevity, temperature, pressure, or humidity level. In summers, wood expands, and resultantly glue wears down, and screws become loose.

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Why is my desk chair wobbly?

You have to turn your desk chair in an upright position to check its wheels or legs. Compare all the wheels or legs with each other. If one of those is different (short, long, or broken), it needs to be repaired.

Why won’t my office chair go up?

The moveable chairs have a lifting mechanism that is based on gas cylinders. If your chair won’t go up, then replace those cylinders instead of buying a new chair. Alternatively, you can ask for help from the repair service.

How do I stop my office chair from spinning?

Take a rubber wedge and fix it between pole and base. Use the hammer to seal gently. Try to do it with a soft hand so you will not break your chair. The fixed wedge will cause friction and resist chair movement.

Final Thoughts

Buying a new office chair is no longer an option because you can repair the wobbly chair yourself. This blog gives you a step-by-step guide on repairing a wobbly chair but before you start revamping your seat, examine it nicely to find out the room for improvement. After that, gather the required tools and start working. Don’t follow the steps in a hurry.

Best of Luck!

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