Are Massage Chairs Good For You? Benefits Of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are widely used around the globe to relieve muscle aches and back pain. Also, a good massage chair brings tranquility, comfort, and relaxation to your life and boosts your energy and immune system. In the past, people preferred getting massages only from licensed therapists. A massage chair is an electronic substitute that lets you get a massage at home.

However, still, many of us wonder if a massage chair works or not. Are they worth the investment? And what are the disadvantages of using massage chairs? To answer all your questions, I’ve composed a guide based on my experience of using a massage chair. So let’s begin.

Are Massage Chairs Good For You

Are Massage Chairs Good For You?

Getting a massage from a spa or certified therapist is the most effective and amazing option. But today, it is not possible to visit therapists every day. On the other hand, a massage chair works as a personal tool, and you can get a massage session anytime you are free.

The results and outcomes of massage chairs are almost the same as professional therapists if you buy a good product and use it properly. While using a massage chair, I’ve learned many things about it, which I’ll share with you in this article. So let’s discover the benefits of using a massage chair.

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Health Benefits Of Massage Chairs

1. Relaxed Muscles

Muscle relaxation is the key to a healthy life. A person with muscle aches or soreness cannot perform well both physically and mentally. Whether it’s chronic muscle pain or temporary aches due to workload or stress, a massage chair will help you get rid of it. The massage chair improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

The improved blood circulation helps in maximum nutrient absorption and also loosens the stretched muscles, giving you maximum comfort and relaxation. Another advantage of improved blood flow is the production of hormone endorphins. These hormones act as natural painkillers and help in speedy recovery from the injury. Additionally, it removes toxins from the body and boosts your immune system.

2. Strengthens the Immune System

Lymphocytes, also known as white blood cells, are equally important as red blood cells. The cells are the basic unit of the immune system that trains our body to identify and fight against harmful agents like toxins, viruses, fungal species, and bacteria.

Strengthens the Immune System

If you do a regular massage session on a good massage chair, it significantly improves your lymphatic system, the number of white blood cells is increased, and their flow around the body is facilitated. In this way, our body gets an active and well-equipped immune system that fights well against disease.

3. Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Physical and psychological stress is common these days. Our daily life problems, busy routines, and heavy workloads heavily contribute to stress and anxiety. Massage has been used to reduce stress and anxiety for years. Many studies demonstrated that massage effectively reduces anxiety, physical stress, and psychological stress.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Massage significantly decreases the level of cortisol stress hormone. Also, it lowers blood oxygen consumption and normalizes blood pressure. Modern studies reveal that massage therapy produces dopamine and serotonin. These feel-good hormones reduce anger, stabilize mood swings, and reduce pressure on nerves.

4. Helps With Headache and stiff neck

Heavy workload or stress leads to a stiff neck and headache. I suffered from this issue for years until I got a massage chair. Massage therapy helps relieve shoulder and neck pain.

Helps With Headache and Stiff-Neck

It reduces neck stiffness, making it relaxed and flexible. Also, you will get rid of the headache that usually comes with neck and shoulder stiffness.

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5. Improves the Back and Spine Health

This is probably the most amazing benefit of using a zero-gravity massage chair. A zero-gravity massage chair uses a technology that suspends your body in a position where no external force acts on it. Your weight is distributed evenly on the chair.

Improves the Back and Spine Health

These chairs put your spine in its optimal position and remove any pressure from spinal discs. Also, these chairs let you sit in the right posture during a massage session that regulates your spinal alignment and softens the muscles. However, you should keep in mind that massage chairs do not provide instant-pack pain relief. People suffering from severe back and spinal pain will observe the effective results after a few weeks.

6. Helps With The Better Sleep

Are you tired all the time? You might have insomnia. Research has shown that digital devices are partly responsible for this, but it’s also caused by other lifestyle factors and can lead to constant fatigue!

Helps With The Better Sleep

Massages were found to be the most effective sleep aid, and that’s one of many reasons why you should have a massage chair at home. If your goal was getting some shut-eye tonight then this could very well do wonders for helping turn things around!

7. Helps In The Recovery Of Sore Muscles

After a long day at work, muscles become sore because of the accumulation of lactic acid. It’s responsible for that “achy” feeling you get when walking up hills or after intense exercises like weightlifting!

Helps In The Recovery Of Sore Muscles

To relax after a stressful day, try some of these ideas: Softly massage the raw areas and increase blood flow to that spot. This will bring in more oxygen which can help carry away lactic acid from sore muscles; another idea would be using an electric foot massager or heating function on your favorite massage chair! Be sure not to overdo it though. Hydromassage is also effective at relieving muscle pain (with fewer risks).

8. Improves Blood Circulation

A well-functioning circulatory system is a huge asset for your health, and playing sports provides the best way to keep it flowing. Massaging comes in at second place because no one can beat massage’s ability to release tension from tired muscles!

Zero gravity positioning is a technique used to decrease the loading on your heart. It improves oxygen intake and fixes several circulatory issues, all while providing you with some much-needed relief!

Improves Blood Circulation

Massage is not only a great way to relieve stress, but it also helps improve blood flow. Massaged areas may have increased circulation and better delivery of nutrients because massage increases the body’s natural relaxation response which in turn allows for more muscle tension relief without medication or surgery!

9. Lymphatic System Flushing

A good massage is the best way to flush and keep our immune system well-defended. The lymphatic nodes are like pillars, holding up immunity.

Lymphatic System Flushing

By flushing out all of those toxins that pile up in them, it provides us with a better and more refreshing feeling over time. Makes sense Right?

10. Increases Work Efficiency

Why is it so important to have massage chairs in the workplace? Massaging your body can help you stay relaxed and reduce anxiety.

Increases Work Efficiency

Research has shown that some of the best ways to reduce stress are by giving yourself a break from work or home-related responsibilities for 20 minutes every day!

11. Helps In Reducing Sciatica

Some of the best massage chairs are designed by doctors. These chairs have been built with input from chiropractors and other medical professionals, which has led to some impressive features that will make your back feel better in no time!

Helps In Reducing Sciatica

The benefits of a massage chair are well known. They can help relieve sciatica-related discomfort and pain, as long as you continue getting massages on an ad hoc basis after your initial treatment has been completed.

12. Boosts Immunity

The natural defenses of the body are porous to outside influences. Good circulation, low stress levels, and sleep help keep them strong so that you can fight off any infection or illness easier when they come along!

Boosts Immunity

Research has shown that massage is an excellent method for increasing natural immunity and fighting off illness.

Potential Risks Associated With Massage Chairs

Massage chairs do not pose any potential risks if used appropriately. However, some unusual health conditions, improper use, and overuse can lead to a few problems.

Potential Risks Associated With Massage Chairs

Get The Right Chair

Massage chairs are available in different sizes and design ergonomics. If you want effective results and prevent any health issues, finding a chair that perfectly fits your body structure is critical. You should consult your doctor or a professional therapist before buying a massage chair since it is a serious investment.

Wrong Use Can Lead To Injuries

We need to understand that a massage chair is quite different from traditional recliners and gaming chairs. These chairs support our back and relax the muscles only when used in the right way. Sitting in the wrong posture or unusual movement on the chairs can lead to severe muscle injuries. Therefore we should only sit on massage chairs for therapy sessions and avoid its misuse.


Many people complain that their body feels pain and aches after getting massage therapy in a massage chair. This happens when the massage settings are not in line with your body’s requirements. The pressure and level of vibration required by your body are different from others.

So, before jumping onto the chair, spend some time reading the user manual and understanding the massage chair settings. You can also consult a therapist to get the best massage settings on your chair.

Not Ideal For Low Blood Pressure Patients

As I already mentioned, you should consult your physician before getting a massage chair. Massage therapies can negatively affect the health of patients with low blood pressure. Massage chairs potentially reduce blood pressure to relieve headaches and spinal tension. If you have a low blood pressure history, do not use a massage chair without getting proper medication.


The biggest problem I’ve noticed with massage chairs is their overuse. The overuse of massage chairs and frequent massage therapies leads to overstimulation. Overstimulation causes muscle stress and fatigue. If you are new to massage therapy, you should start with shorter sessions.

Deep massage tissues and prolonged sessions can cause inflammation in the body. Another question here is how frequently you should use a massage chair. The answer to this question is not simple since everyone comes with their problems. Also, the body’s response and ability to adapt muscle and tissue manipulation vary from person to person.

You can find many therapy plans and programs on different platforms.  Also, you can get a customized plan from the therapy experts. Getting customized plans according to your body structure and requirements is critical to avoid any negative health impacts.


Why do massage chairs hurt?

If a massage chair is not a perfect fit for your body structure, it will hurt. Also, misuse and overuse of massage chairs lead to inflammation in the body, causing muscle soreness. You should get a customized therapy plan from a professional therapist before using a massage chair.

Why do massage chairs feel so good?

Massage chores feel good because they stretch and knead the muscles making them relaxed and flexible. Also, massage therapy increases the endorphin level in the body and produces dopamine and serotonin. These are known as feel-good hormones.

Are massage chairs bad for you?

No massage chairs are not bad for you if used in the right way. You should follow a therapy plan and the instructions provided in the user manual to get the maximum health benefits from the massage chairs.

Can massage cause blood clots?

Although very rare, yes, a massage can cause a blood clot in your body. Since our body muscles and veins are subjected to rigorous pushing, stretching, and pulling during the massage, it can cause a blood clot in the veins, which may travel to other parts of the body as well.


I’m hopeful that this guide will help you get the answer to your question: Are massage chairs good for you? We can safely conclude that massage chairs are beneficial for health if used in the right manner. Wrong selection of chairs, overuse, or improper therapy techniques can cause problems as well.

As far as my experience is concerned, I found a massage chair very effective in relieving muscle aches and reducing anxiety and stress. Massage chairs don’t come cheap; therefore, you must consult your physician and therapist before buying a massage chair.

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