What Chair Does TimTheTatman Use? Amazing One!

For being a famous and professional online streamer, you are not only required to have skills and confidence but you also should have a proper setup, an attractive environment, and how you present yourself in front of others is equally important. Moreover, what accessories you use to carry yourself during streaming is vital in catching your audiences.

what chair does timthetatman use

TimTheTatman is not only professionally perfect for online game streaming but also uses classic accessories for its gaming purposes that makes him the ideal personality for many of his followers. Here we are only mentioning the details of the chair which he uses to help his fans know What Chair Does TimTheTatman Use. He goes with Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair, which belongs to Herman Miller, a well-known, established, and famous company.

What Chair Does TimTheTatman Use?

Read the details mentioned below about the features and specifications of the chair used by TimTheTatman, which is Herman Miller Mirra 2.

What Chair Does TimTheTatman Use

Who Is TimTheTatman?

TimTheTatman is a famous and renowned twitch performer who was born on 8th April 1990 in America. He is among those personalities who have millions of followers both on YouTube and twitch. It was 2012 when he started his career as an online gamer with live streaming.

He got his fame for playing Fortnite, Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, and Global Offensive. In the year 2014, the TimTheTatman transformed into a twitch creator with a full-time tag. He received a fan Fortnite male streamer of the year award during the gamers choice award in the year 2018. This streamer has 5.6 million followers on his twitch account.

Specifications of The Chair

Following are the specifications mentioned of the chair used by TimTheTatman. These specifications are in further detail in the upcoming paras.

Specifications of The TimTheTatman
Infographic: Specifications of The TimTheTatman

Ergonomic Style

The chair is overall ergonomically styled to help you correct your posture and make you able to sit more accurately, especially when you have to sit for longer. It is a perfect chair that is ergonomic in design to give you full support to handle your movements stably during your gaming. This ergonomic design makes the chair ideal even for medical reasons. Moreover, these types of chairs are those which medical professionals most often recommend for long sitting sessions.

Ergonomic Style

Tilt and Reclining

The chair consists of the tilt adjustment with three different measurements, which are 92 degrees, 100 degrees, and 124 degrees. In this way, you can adjust the reclining of your chair to the angle which is most comfortable for you. You will feel supported with this angle adjustments. Tilting is not only possible for the backward reclining, but you can also adjust the angle of the seat 5 degrees forward because of the presence of the tilting feature in the chair. These settings allow for both forward tilting and backward tilting. There is a knob present with the help of which you can adjust the angle.

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Back Support

TimTheTatman uses this chair and prefers it because of the back support it provides to the streamer. The backrest is made in a way to distribute your weight evenly and minimizes your back pain. It also helps in reducing your lumber region stress and pain if you have any. Moreover, this chair contains the butterfly backseat, which is famous for adaptability as this butterfly-designed back can adjust according to your back shape, providing you enhanced and maximum support.

Back Support

Lightweight and Flexibility

The chair, with all of its unique and stable features, is light in weight and easy to move. This lightweight chair makes you available to advance in your gaming environment or room. It is both sophisticated and straightforward with all the essential features you need. The flexibility of this Herman Miller chair makes it more famous among streamers because they have to use it for long hours. Make sure the more flexible the seat is, the more comfortable options you have to adjust the chair.

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Soothing Fabric

The chair is composed of mesh fabric which allows the airflow. This airflow manages the temperature of the body and keeps it to an average level and cooler degree when you have to sit for long hours. Moreover, the fabric gives you a nicer experience of sitting smoothly and softly on the chair without any rough feeling. The backrest is also breathable, which allows you the movement of air from one side to another, ensuring your body is in ideal temperature throughout the gaming.

Soothing Fabric

Physical Appearance

Not only are the characteristics of the chair efficient and outstanding, but the physical look of the chair is also very appealing. It makes your online streaming more attractive by giving it a professional and gaming look. You can select from different colors that are available in this model and can choose the one which suits your color theme.

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Assembling And Warranty

The chair comes with a 12 years warranty which gives you the opportunity to take help from the manufacturing company. Moreover, when the chair arrives at your door, It is already fully assembled and doesn’t need your effort. If you want to select the chair which TimTheTatman uses, you can choose the chair without any thoughts or doubts.


How much is the cost of a TimTheTatman chair?

The chair which TimTheTatman uses is costly but worth your money. It contains all the essential features you demand in your gaming chair. It lies somewhere between dollar 750 to dollar 1300.

Should you buy TimTheTatman chair?

It depends on your use. You can buy TimTheTatman’s chair if you are a professional online gaming streamer and are looking for comfortability in your accessories. Moreover, go in search of the other options, dig out and get the best for you.

Why is Herman Miller so expensive?

This company gives you perfection in the name of chairs. No doubt, it swears on providing you with perfect posture and minimizes your back pain. Moreover, the products they made are highly stable and renowned for durability. So it makes the overall coat expensive.

Final Thoughts

The chair which TimTheTatman uses is Herman Miller Mirra 2. This is an ideal choice nowadays for online gaming streamers, those who look for the highest quality and professional type of chair with the most level of comfortability and durability. Not a single other chair resembles Herman Miller Mirra 2 when it comes to comfortability and perfection in performance. Moreover, the look of the chair is also professional, making it more suitable for your gaming environment. If you are a streamer, a fan of TimTheTatman, and in search of freedom in movement while sitting on a chair, go with this Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair without any doubt.

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