How to Fix a Power Recliner – 8 Easy Steps

After a long hectic day, all we seek is comfort, and ease. One of the best ways to attain the most needed comfort is by getting a power recliner that will help you to relax and enjoy your leisure time at home. Power recliners look really classy and are really compact. Thereby, offer you the utmost relief. Power recliners are operated through a motor that helps in all the movement of the sofa, or the chair. So, you do not need to put any effort into making adjustments.

Your recliner is not working? are you looking for How to Fix a Power Recliner ? Follow our 8 step guide to solve your recliner problem

How to Fix a Power Recliner

Getting a recliner for your home is now growing as a trend because of the fact that it actually allows you to relax and soothe your muscles. Power recliners are comparatively more costly as compared to manual ones due to the various features that they offer. They come with different modifications and the price is accordingly. Plus, they are best for people with any medical condition such as fatigue, back pain, etc. However, in this article, we will discuss the issues regarding the power recliners and how you can fix them.

How to Fix a Power Recliner?

Without any doubt, recliners are a source of comfort and allow you to overcome your tiredness. Working all week makes you really exhausted and by the end of the week you just simply want to chill. Spending your weekend in the best possible manner includes lying in a recliner and having your tea. However, choosing a recliner is one heck of a task. Plus, power recliners can sometimes also become problematic. So, given below is the list of some of the major issues that are related to a power recliner, along with their possible solutions:

1. Stiffness in the Movable Parts of the Recliner

One of the major issues that you will come across regarding a recliner is that sometimes the moveable parts become too hard to move. For instance, springs, or joints become hard to move. There are numerous solutions to this problem. However, we will talk about the most effective, and the easiest one. To treat this issue, you need to get a lubricant that is meant solely for this matter and is also easily available in the market. The greasiness of the lubricant will allow the smooth movement of various parts of the recliner.

2. Problematic Wiring and the Electricity Issues

The other two common issues regarding the power incliner may relate to poor wiring or when the electric supply stops. You have to figure this out all by yourself to see what the problem actually is. For instance, if the issue is related to the electric supply then you can turn it off and then switch on the power supply to make it work. If still, you do not see any progress then the issue is with the wiring system. The problematic wiring system may be within the recliner’s system. For example, an issue with the motor.

Problematic Wiring and the Electricity Issues

3. Noise in the Power Recliner

There are different kinds of noises that arise due to various issues. You deal with the recliner with the help of a lever. Several issues arise when you try to recline the recliner such as irritating noise. Moreover, the recliner sometimes becomes really still and you can only move it with so much force. Otherwise, it almost seems impossible to move it. The footrest of the recliner is another major problematic part that leads to all this noise. You can solve this issue by getting a new footrest or contacting the company to repair the existing one.

4. Restarting the Recliner

While you have tried all the methods to fix your recliner and it still does not function properly, even then you have an option left. It is most likely that restarting it will solve the issue. You can also switch off the recliner and start it all over again to make it function again. Sometimes the problem lies in the motor of the recliner. While at other times the issue may lie to any internal component of the power recliner. However, if you have tried all the methods to make it function and it still does not, then restarting will make it function normally, most probably.

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Restarting the Recliner

5. Power Surge in a Recliner

The power surge protector is really essential for a power recliner to survive, and last for a long time. Fluctuation of electric supply can really cause damage to the power recliner. The electric parts of the recliner need protection to sustain, and function properly. For this matter, a power surge protector is required, and one cannot deny its importance. However, if the problem still persists then you need to take the expert’s help. You can simply contact the company, and ask them to solve the issue depending upon the warranty of the recliner.

6. Uncomfortable Seat

Here is another major issue related to the recliner. If the seat is uncomfortable then the purpose of the recliner is lost because comfort is all that you seek from a recliner. An uncomfortable seat is basically a result of imbalance padding which does not support your back properly. This issue can really annoy you and make you much more tired than before. So, proper padding is really essential because its absence can cause backaches and many other issues. To solve this problem, you need to contact the experts or ask the company.

Uncomfortable Seat

7. Replacing the Problematic Components with Durable Parts

If any part of the recliner starts to create issues then it is nice to get it replaced with a new one. However, the issue arises when you are replacing the problematic component with a noncompatible part. It is really essential to replace the parts of the recliner with the ones that align with the model of the recliner. Otherwise, it is of no use, and you are just wasting your money. Replacing the recliner’s parts with the original ones will add value to the durability of the recliner. Thereby, you will not have to face any such issues again.

8. Problematic Controller

Sometimes the controller of the recliner stops functioning due to excessive use or burden on the motor. This is not a very big issue and is easy to resolve as well. One of the major causes of this problem is the power surge. In other words, when the power supply fluctuates or if there is too much pressure on the motor. One of the easiest, and quickest ways to overcome this issue is by making use of the reset button option. By simply opting for the reset option, you can overcome the issue related to the controller and attain smooth functioning once again.

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How can you tell a good recliner?

One can clearly tell the quality of the recliner is one of the best by considering some of the important features and components of a recliner. For instance, if the recliner provides you comfort then obviously it is a good recliner. Apart from that, the style and the compactness of the recliner are other important features. The material used, and the durability also plays a major role when it comes to a quality recliner. So, all these features are combined together to make a good recliner.

How much should you spend on a recliner?

The answer to this question is quite relative because everyone has their own budget. However, on a general note, you can find the best quality recliner ranging from 800 dollars to 2000 dollars. Plus, it also depends upon the company as well as the features of a recliner. If a recliner has advanced features, more durability, and comfort then it is likely to be much more expensive. So, you should send on the recliner considering your own requirements.

Do recliners cause neck pain?

Recliners are usually looked at from one perspective only i.e for providing comfort. However, if the recliner does not have proper cushioning, or unbalanced padding then it will cause discomfort. Most of the issues arising as a result of poor quality recliner include pain in the neck, back pain, and destroying the body posture. So yes, recliners do cause neck pain.

Is it OK to sleep in my recliner?

Sleeping on the recliner is totally fine if you find it comfortable. It all depends upon your comfort level. In fact, some people prefer recliners over the bed. Especially those with back pain go for recliners rather than a bed. So, there is no harm in sleeping on the recliner as long as you feel good. You just need to consider your comfort and do accordingly.

Why do I sleep better in a recliner?

The reclining process is really beneficial for your body, and health in general. It soothes and relaxes your muscles from the stress. Excessive workload leads to different pains in the body due to the stress and strain of the muscles. However, recliners help you to overcome these issues by relaxing the spine.

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Power recliners are extremely spacious and give you a lot of space to relax. However, they do occupy a lot of space in the room. This is the major reason to choose a recliner wisely because you should not compromise on the style, and comfort in relation to the price. So in this article, we have tried to explore all the various solutions to the problems associated with recliners. Considering them before purchasing a power recliner may prove fruitful and prevent you from spending money on a low-quality recliner.

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