Best Gaming Chair for Short Persons – Review & Buyer’s Guide

I am an intensive gamer with a short height. I had this wrong perception of having a large-sized chair because it will be offering more comfort. If the head, arms, and legs are not in the perfect position while playing games for hours, you won’t be able to play games more healthily.

These issues made me realize to grab the best gaming chair, which is suitable for short people. If you are also a short-height guy, you must go for the products that have the best backrest, neck rest, and lumbar support for you. Such chairs are specially designed for short heighted people.

Why Can’t I Use An Oversized Size Gaming Chair If My Height Is Short?

The main issue in this regard is that the large-sized chairs have more significant components. For example, the oversized armrests, backrests, and neck-rest will not be according to your body. Sitting in such a chair for a longer duration can cause discomfort in your body. That is the reason such chairs are not recommendable for you.

However, picking up the right chair from many of the chairs available is not an easy task. I have experience purchasing such gaming chairs for the last ten years. Thus, I have prepared this review guide on the best gaming chair for short persons in addition to the pre-purchase considerations. Scroll down to read all the facts that you must know before purchasing a product!

Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person Overview

Best Overall Best Overall GTracing Gaming Chair
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Seat Material : Faux Leather
  • Chair Measurements : 23″D x 16″W x 50″H
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Highly Recommended Highly Recommended Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming Chair
  • Weight Capacity: 280 lbs.
  • Seat Material: Leather
  • Chair Measurements : 19.8″D x 19.8″W x 42″H
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Most Attractive Most Attractive OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Seat Material: Faux Leather
  • Chair Measurements : 30″D x 13″W x 26″H
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Editors Choice Editors Choice AKRacing California Chair
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Seat Material : Foam
  • Chair Measurements : 17.7″D x 28″W x 47″H
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Best Seller Best Seller Swivel 360 Degree Multipurpose Floor Gaming Chair
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Seat Material: Polyester
  • Chair Measurements : 22.5″D x 22″W x 30″H
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More Durable More Durable BestOffice PC Gaming and Massage Chair
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Seat Material: Nylon
  • Chair Measurements : 27.6″D x 27.6″W x 45.9″H
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Best Overall Best Overall E-WIN Gaming Racing Chair
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Seat Material : Foam
  • Chair Measurements : 21.3″D x 22.8″W x 54.9″H
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My Top 3 Picks

GTracing Gaming Chair
GTracing Gaming Chair
  • Exceptionally Comfortable
  • Entirely Adjustable 3D Armrests
  • Easier Assemblage
Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming Chair
Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming Chair
  • Matchless Breathability
  • Economic price
  • Polished design
OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair
OFM Essentials Racing Gaming Chair
  • Considerable Cushioning
  • Highly Affordable
  • Adjustable Recline Function

7 Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person Review

Best Gaming Chair for Short Person

1. GTracing Gaming Chair – Small Gaming Chair

GTracing Gaming Chair offers you an unmatched comfort level, and thus, it is the best gaming chair for short persons to purchase. In addition to the best ergonomics, you will be enjoying a range of features with the GTracing like stylish outlook, padded components, and adjustability. We were especially impressed by the durability of this gaming chair that lasted for many years.

The manufacturers of the GTracing have used the black leatherette for the wrapping of this chair. In addition, they have also used carbon fiber for imparting sleek design. The design of this chair is especially suitable for racing games because it will give you an immersive experience.

With the comfortable seat, you will obtain a balanced posture, and thus there will be a consequent reduction in your back pain. The padding of this chair is matchless. This padding is present in the seat, lumbar support, and also in headrest cushions.

With such construction, you will be enjoying the gaming sessions for longer hours without feeling strain in your body. In addition to these features, you will be getting an angle adjuster with the GTracing that will help you moving around 90 to 170 degrees.

What We Like?

  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Entirely adjustable 3D armrests
  • Easier assemblage

What We Don’t Like?

  • Slightly noisy

Bottom Line

GTracing is a premium quality product coming with matchless durability and adjustability. It has 3D armrests that are multi-adjustable. In addition, there is also a rock tension that you can adjust the way you want it. You can alter the height by changing the lift cylinders of class 3 three. Overall, this pick signifies excellent quality and qualifies to be your next gaming chair.

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2. Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming Chair – Chairs For Short Adults

Minimal cost and highly sophisticated design make the Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming Chair the best gaming chair for short persons. You can use this chair in your office as well, in addition to using it for gaming purposes

The armrests of this gaming chair are supplied with sufficient padding to make you feel comfortable as you play for extended hours. You will enjoy sitting in the bucket-style seat made with leather to last for many years, in addition to increasing the breathability of the seat.

Furmax is exceptional in the movement angle because it can swivel up to 360 degrees due to the excellent wheels. You can run it smoothly on the floor. The base of the Furmax is made with premium quality material.

If you are thinking about seat padding, we must tell you that it is 3 inches thick. Also, there is a 2 inches padding embedded in the backrest.

You can adjust the seat’s height in the range of 15.2″ to 18.3″ because it comes with the pneumatic adjustment feature. The dimension of the seating area is spanning around 19.8″X19.8″. While the backrest has the size of 19.8″X26.5″.

What We Like?

  • Matchless breathability
  • Economic price
  • Polished design

What We Don’t Like?

  • Adjustability can be improved

Bottom Line

If comfort comes at the top of your preference list when purchasing the gaming chair, you must not go beyond the premium choice like Furmax. It comes with excellent quality leather. The mesh design is made to be maximally breathable and provides you comfort for the whole day. Taking into consideration our personal experience with Furmax, we strongly recommend you to go for this choice.

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3. OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair – Comfortable Chair For Short People

None of the gaming chairs in the market can beat the versatility and lightweight of the OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair. More accessible transportation and ergonomic designs make it the best gaming chair for short persons to consider purchasing in 2021. When we bought OFM Essentials for our extended gaming hours, we loved it for the top-quality material.

The manufactures of this chair have used the shaping foam of the higher density. This material will be imparting more comfort and resilience in terms of elasticity. The steel frame has a thickness of almost 1.8 mm. That is the reason you will be finding your OFM Essentials to be the sturdiest and stable gaming chair. You will be able to play your favorite games for extended durations in it.

The leather type used for making this chair is PU, a skin-friendly material that is also resistant to wear. The good news is that you will be getting OFM Essentials in the upgraded configuration with the gas lift of class 3.

It is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs. We can assure you of the reliability and durability of this gaming chair based on our personal use.

What We Like?

  • Considerable cushioning
  • Highly affordable
  • Adjustable recline function

What We Don’t Like?

  • Messy armrests

Bottom Line

If versatility is the key factor when purchasing a gaming chair, you must consider buying OFM Essentials. There is a range of multiple functions that it can perform. It comes with 360 degrees swivel and a 90 to 180 degrees reclining function. You will roll it up to 1000 miles. Trust us because we have checked the rolling ability of this gaming chair. The rolling will be noise-free as well.

4. AKRacing California Chair – Ergonomic Chair For Short People

AKRacing California Chair is a gaming chair for you if you are under 5’6″. AKRacing is one of the best gaming chairs for short persons because it is comfortable and ergonomic beyond your imagination.

Thanks to the manufacturers of this gaming chair, to rightly prepare every component to fit your needs. I purchased this best gaming chair for short persons, and I am glad about this decision.

AKRacing has an ideally shorter backrest following your body size. Also, the seat is narrower than other market-worthy competitors. Though it is a gaming chair for short people, it can support a weight of up to 330of lbs.

At the same time, its weight is only 60 pounds. Another good news about this chair is its surprising durability. You will be impressed by the built quality of the AKRacing. The manufacturers have chosen polyurethane (PU) leather cover for enhancing the comfort level.

Not only this, but you will also find this chair with the extra padding made with the foam of the higher density. Therefore, the comfort level of the AKRacing is unmatched when we compare it to the other market competitors.

What We Like?

  • Extra-small option
  • Economical price
  • Higher comfort and durability

What We Don’t Like?

  • Heavier

Bottom Line

AKRacing is the best choice for excellent materials to make racing-style aesthetics and dual-color appearance; therefore, you must not miss this premium quality product. The manufacturers have specially prepared this chair for the short people. Based on our personal experience, we strongly recommend you purchase this unique product because it will not disappoint you.

5. Swivel 360 Degree Multipurpose Floor Gaming Chair

Manifold adjustable features render the Best Choice Products Swivel Gaming Chair the best gaming chair for short persons. You will enhance your gaming experience with the Best Choice because it offers you six positions. Therefore, now sitting, relaxing, reclining, and swiveling in this chair is easier. In addition to this, the cushion and the lumbar support are also adjustable.

Best Choice is a multipurpose chair that you can use for gaming, watching shows, reading books—the comfortable and padded armrests. If you want to transport this chair, double it and carry it easily.

The cushions of this gaming chair are foldable and offer a wide range of adjustability features. You may remove the pillows to free your entertainment space. We liked its sturdiest design when we used it. It is a soft gaming chair coming with a cover made from polyester.

The good news is you can remove this cover and armrests wrap. The frame of this chair made with steel ensures excellent durability for many years. In addition to this, you will be able to enjoy 360 degrees swiveling.

What We Like?

  • Perfect reclining and swiveling
  • Foldable design
  • Economic price

What We Don’t Like?

  • Non-usable lower armrests

Bottom Line

If you are tired of the retro gaming chairs needing complicated procedures to assemble them, all you have to do is replace them with the Best Choice. The folding features aiding you in storing it and sturdy design will help you give an exclusive experience of gaming. Also, the variable adjustability aspects will be helping you in setting it the way you want it.

6. BestOffice PC Gaming Massage Chair for Short Person

BestOffice PC Gaming and Massage Chair has excelled the other market-worthy competitors for the unmatched softness, comfort, easier set-up, and intelligent design. This is one of the best gaming chairs for short persons that you must grab to enjoy an exclusive gaming experience by adjusting it the way you want it. We have used this best gaming chair for short people, and we can assure you about this chair’s unique and valuable features.

The best thing about the BestOffice is its dual role as a gaming chair and massaging function. You will be able to play the games in it for long hours. The massaging function will make you get rid of the fatigue of the whole day. All you have to do is to set up the vibrator with the help of the remote control and let it do its job.

Another good news about this chair is that it is significantly easier to set up this chair. You won’t need any prior expertise in putting the components together. Just follow the given instructions and get an assembled gaming chair in 10 to 15 minutes.

The adjustability feature of this chair is matchless because you can adjust the headrest in addition to the lumbar cushion. Thanks to the manufacturers of this chair for making it with the human-centered ergonomic design.

What We Like?

  • Massaging function
  • Extra-ordinary lumbar aid
  • Chair upholstered

What We Don’t Like?

  • Fixed armrests

Bottom Line

BestOffice is a unique gaming chair that has left behind the competitors by providing maximum comfort. The massaging function is here to reduce the weariness and fatigue of your body. Additionally, the manufacturer of this chair is also offering you a warranty. Swivel this chair on 360 degrees and enjoy your game. Also, we must tell you that BestOffice has passed the BIFIMA certification.

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7. E-WIN Short Gaming Racing Chair

The excellent components, comfort, higher security, and multi-function make E-WIN Gaming Chair the best gaming chair for short persons to consider purchasing. You will be excited to learn that it has been made with polyurethane (PU) leather, the same as used in the sports case. The seat’s design is winged to impart maximum comfort and give you the feeling of sitting in a sports car.

The foam of the E-WIN is high density. Also, the elasticity resilience and extended lifetime of the foam of this gaming chair are admirable. You can use this comfortable chair for home and office.

It offers you the swiveling option of 360 degrees. If you want to do some tilting of the backrest, then the good news is that it allows you to tilt it between 85°to 155°. The adjustability of the E-WIN gaming chair is remarkable in the case of armrests.

Gain the perfect posture while gaming and keep yourself healthier by using this armrest adjustability feature. In terms of security, you won’t find an ideal option like this gaming chair because it has a metallic frame made from the integrated materials. This frame has qualified the standards like European Standard E1 Environmental Painting Avoid Rust.

What We Like?

  • Stability and robustness
  • Simpler mounting
  • Chair upholstered

What We Don’t Like?

  • Air circulation absent

Bottom Line

You can trust a unique gaming chair like E-WIN because it has several quality certifications, making it the top product to go for. Also, you will be getting a warranty of two years from the manufacturer. Enjoy all the features of this chair by grabbing it for your entertainment zone in your home or office. If you invest your money in this option, it will not disappoint you.

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Guide to Purchase the Right Gaming Chair for Short People

Since you will be investing your money in the gaming chair, you must obtain a product that gives you an exclusive gaming experience and is suitable for your body and overall health. Based on our personal experience and the recommendations of the other regular users, we have compiled this buyer’s guide for you. All you have to do is to take a glance at the final gaming chair and check if the chair is satisfying these all pre-purchase considerations or not.

If you take care of the considerations, we will share them with you, and we are sure you will be purchasing the best gaming chair for yourself and your family. So, without any further delays, here we go with these considerations!

Comfort Options

It is essential not to compromise on the comfort level of the gaming chair that you are going to purchase. Since you will be spending hours in that chair, it must be suitable for your body and physical health. If you are a guy with a short height and you end up purchasing the wrong-sized gaming chair, then the results can be disastrous. It will be hurting your back, neck, and arms, and you will be feeling this in a short period.

The solution to this issue is to prefer gaming chairs with human-centered ergonomic constructions. That means such chairs will be offering you a wide range of adjustability features. You can easily adjust the backrest, headrest, and armrests in such chairs. Therefore, you will have an enjoyable experience, and also, you will not be facing any back pain issues. Some of the most comfortable options to go for in this regard includes:

Quality of Construction

Another important pre-purchase option is the build quality of the gaming chair you are looking to purchase. Honestly, the build quality is a feature that is irrespective of your height. That means you must always prefer the construction of the gaming chair, no matter if you are purchasing it for the shorter or taller guys. You can go for buying the best chair with a matchless comfort level. However, if it does not accompany you for a few months, its comfort is a useless feature to prioritize.

If you are thinking about knowing the build quality, you may do it by checking the materials used to make a chair. For example, chair seats made with polyurethane (PU) leathers show the best quality. These are not only skin-friendly, but also such materials will be offering higher breathability. Apart from this, you may go to check the padding material. Also, the type of steel used for making the frame of any gaming chair will be giving you a clue about the quality of the gaming chair. Some of the most durable and excellent quality gaming chairs are:


Well, aesthetics are features that might be preferable for only a few of you. In reality, it matters. The ideally-looking gaming has the power to change the outlook of your entertainment zone completely. Therefore, trust us, aesthetics matter more than anything. The problem is that most of the brands manufacturing gaming chairs do not focus on aesthetics. Therefore, if you purchase the best gaming chair, you must check out this feature first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best gaming chair for short persons to purchase in 2021?

You must carefully decide the type of chair you will purchase if you have a short height. The market will provide you with several options. However, we suggest you go for the tested and trusted options. For example, you can purchase items like Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming Chair, OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair, BestOffice PC Gaming and Massage Chair, and Best Choice Products Swivel Gaming Chair.

Is there any gaming chair available for short people with the massaging function?

Yes, you can purchase a premium quality product like BestOffice PC Gaming and Massage Chair. This gaming chair comes with an excellent quality vibrator and remote control. You have to set it on and enjoy the massage to feel the reduction in fatigue.

Final Thoughts about Gaming Chair for Small Person Review

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you must be well aware of the health of the backbone and its importance. We hope the review guide that we presented here on the best gaming chair for short persons.

In addition, the pre-purchase considerations will be helping you in making the right decision. Based on the personal testing and positive reviews by other users, we have further specified three products are the top ones, and they include:

We are always glad to learn about your thoughts and experiences. Therefore, don’t forget to share them with us using the comment box. Thank you!

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