How To Choose An Ergonomic Office Chair

Humans are not made to sit for long hours, but some jobs have the criteria to work 9 to 5. Sitting for extended hours can cause muscle fatigue, neck and back pain. You can always decrease these health issues by choosing the correct ergonomic office chair for yourself. An excellent workplace setup with comfortable seating will support you and enhance your productivity.

how to choose an ergonomic office chair

You will work for long hours more effectively than sitting on a stiff chair with no or less back support. While we tell you How To Choose An Ergonomic Office Chair, there are many options, but these options can confuse you. Therefore, I am writing this review to help you choose an ergonomic chair and the necessary factors while selecting an office chair. At the end of this review, you will be able to choose the best option for yourself.

How To Choose An Ergonomic Office Chair

An adjustable office chair is the best option for those who sit for extended hours because it allows the user to adjust the seating according to their posture. While you purchase an office chair for yourself, you should look for important factors that include: height adjustability, proper lumbar support, reclination, seat width and depth, and chair material.

Seat Width And Depth

While choosing an ergonomic office chair, look for the seat pan. A good office chair must have a seat pan with 1 inch or 3 cm width at both sides. The congested seat will make you uncomfortable if you work for an extended period. The depth of the seat must be appropriate.

Seat Width And Depth

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It should not be too deep or flat because a too deep seat will restrict you from good posture and cause knee problems; in contrast, the flat seat will make you uncomfortable while sitting for long hours. I prefer an ergonomic office chair with an adjustable seat pan length because it will adjust it according to your height. The adjustable tilt of the seat will allow you to move backward and forward; hence you can relax back when you are tired.

Adjustable Height

The height of the seat must be adjustable while you look for an ergonomic office chair. An ideal position of the seat pan is equal to the height of your knees while you are in a standing position. Most of the comfortable office chair comes with a pneumatically adjustable level that allows the user to adjust the seat height according to their choice. Ideally, an office chair must be 16 to 20 inches off the floor so the user can place the feet flat on the floor. It will protect the user from getting tired and allow them to put their arms on the desk.

Lumbar Support

In my view, the best ergonomic office chairs are those which provide you with excellent lumbar support. An ergonomic office chair comes with cushioned lumbar support that enables you to adjust it upward and downward depending upon your need.

Lumbar Support

Our lumber spine is in curve shape. When we sit on an uncomfortable chair for long hours, the chances are that our lumber spine gets fatigued. Adjustable lumbar support in an office chair will keep you from fatigue and spasm. It will also enable you to sit comfortably for hours.

Ability To Recline

When you sit for extended hours, you will want to move your back and stretch yourself to relax your muscles. In between your work, carrying your back is a healthy activity for a healthy spine. It keeps you from back pain and spasm. While purchasing an ergonomic chair for office work, look for one that provides you with better back support. The best office chair will allow you to recline comfortably while working. Chairs with limited back reclination will give you severe back pain because of sitting in one posture, leading to severe problems in the future.

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Chair Material

Chair material is a vital aspect you choose an ergonomic office chair. The padded seat and back of a chair will allow you to sit comfortably for hours. You will not feel any tiredness despite working for extended hours. Also, the chair must be made with breathable material that allows proper air circulation and keeps the user from sweat and heat.

Adjustable Armrest And Swivel

An ergonomic chair must have an adjustable armrest that allows users to adjust it according to their arms. An adjustable armrest will keep your shoulders from being fatigued and enable you to place your arms comfortably. I would suggest looking for an office chair with a wide armrest to provide you with proper support and cushioning.

how to choose an ergonomic office chair

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A moving chair is better than a static one. The swivel of the office chair will allow you to move freely from one place of the office to another. A rotating office chair will allow you to move from one table to another without straining. These types of chairs are primarily needed in the conference room.


How do I choose an ergonomic office chair?

An ergonomic office chair gives you comfortable seating and adequately; supports your lumbar spine, back, neck and shoulders. While choosing an ergonomic office chair, look for one with a comfortable and wide seat pan. The height of the chair must be adjustable. It gives you the ability to recline any time you want. Furthermore, it provides you with better cushioning and lumbar support while you work for long hours.

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Why is it important to look for seat material in an office chair?

It is crucial to look for seat material while you choose an ergonomic office chair. A seat material that has appropriate padding will allow you to sit comfortably without being fatigued. The seat material should provide air circulation to keep the sweat and heat away, especially in summers.

Is it essential to have lumbar support in an ergonomic office chair?

Yes, it is crucial to have lumbar support in an ergonomic office chair. Our body has a natural curve known as the lumbar spine. When we sit for extended hours on an uncomfortable chair with no lumbar support, it can affect the natural curve, which can cause several health problems in the future.


Proper seating at the workplace will enhance your productivity and also keeps you from pain and fatigue. Ergonomic office chairs are crucial for everyone, no matter working for short or extended hours. An ergonomic chair provides you with proper lumbar support and posture. You can choose an ergonomic office chair while keeping in mind the above-discussed factors.

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