Elecwish Gaming Chair Review

Are you tired of your old reclining chair? Because I am. It makes my back stiff after a long gaming session. Well, I’ve got a perfect solution for this problem now. Some companies are manufacturing special chairs for gaming enthusiasts. They come with a backrest reclining lever and winged shoulder support.

The gaming chairs are all in to provide you with the two most important functions, sitting movements and the maintenance of the correct posture. They have adjustable seat heights that can take off the pressure from the back, thighs, and knees.

Elecwish Gaming Chair Review

The Elecwish Gaming Chair is one of the best chairs available and was my savior. It possesses some amazing features and can be your best buddy during intense gaming sessions. These chairs provide extra support to your back, maintaining the posture compared to your old recliner or a beanbag chair.

This comfortable chair has a unique racing style that can bring perfection to your gaming room. It can also be used in the office for work and is considered a twin-in-one chair as well. All the features of this chair are well explained in the article, so you can get your hands on this and sit comfortably while playing or in the office for a long shift.

Elecwish Gaming Chair Features Review

Elecwish Gaming Chair

Color and Design of Elecwish Gaming Chair

It is a modern-style chair and is available in many colorful options. The chair’s color can be matched with the theme of the gaming room or an office, making it a nice fit. Well well-organized room with a comfortable chair can help you level up in the game as well.

A racing car seat inspires the design of this chair. As it is a gaming chair, you can play racing games on the monitor while sitting on a racing-style ergonomic chair, giving a similar feel. This can be the best possible upgrade one can make to get rid of the old flimsy chair.

Elecwish Gaming Chair Features Review
Infographic: Elecwish Gaming Chair Features Review


The Elecwish gaming chair comes with an elongated headrest. It has an adjustable neck pillow that gives you the optimum support. You can lay back your head for a couple of minutes to relax after defeating your competitor or a long meeting with the boss in the office.


The pillow can be rotated in horizontal and vertical positions to give support to the neck. This can help take off the pressure from the shoulders, making them feel light. The cushion can also be removed if you do not want it on the chair all the time.


This chair comes with an adjustable back which makes it best for sitting for long hours. The backrest can be fixed at different angles and locked according to your preferences. The back can be kept at a 90-degree angle when typing or playing a game.

After working continuously for a couple of hours or an extended gaming session, the Elecwish chair allows you to bend the backrest up to 170 degrees. This keeps the back straight, releasing the tension from the back muscles. You need not step out and go to the other room to take a nap.


The lower back area has an adjustable small cushion to support the waist. This cushion makes sure that you do not feel fatigued after working for the first hour. It supports the back in every possible way to keep off pressure from the spinal cord.


This racing-style chair comes with adjustable armrests. These linked armrests are covered with PU leather that keeps the arms comfortable and releases fatigue. The hands constituting about 12 percent of the body’s weight should have support during the entire day.


The gold triangle armrests support the elbows. These can be your best friends during intense gaming sessions or typing while preparing a long report in the office. These soft armrests also help to stand effortlessly without any external support and keep the pressure off the knees.

Retractable Footrest

The Elecwish gaming chair comes with a retractable footrest. This can be very useful when you get tired after a prolonged gaming session.

Retractable Footrest

You can just pull out this soft portable footrest and straighten up your legs. If you cannot get proper sleep at night and want a quick nap in the office; you can use this comfortable footrest. This can help you keep the back straight and stretch for a couple of minutes during the long hectic days.

Wheels of Elecwish Gaming Chair

This unique chair possesses excellent features and comes with a folded wheelbase. This comes with five smoothly rolling wheels made up of high quality. These allow 360-degree swivel movement without scratching the floor. The wheels are slip-resistant and do not make any squeaky sounds. They can move along the workstation easily.

Seat Pan

The seat is made with a high-density sponge that does not deform after a few months of use. These remain in their perfect shape and come with SGS air lift technology. This enables easy up and down movements making the seat comfortable for everybody.

This seat can bear weight up to 330 pounds and comes with an adjustable seat height of 3.2 inches. The Elecwish gaming chair has a wide seat that is suitable for people of all sizes. The entire seat pan and the adjustable cushions are covered with PU leather, making it very durable, and providing you with many years of comfort.

Steps For Installation Of Elecwish Gaming Chair

The Elecwish chair has to be assembled after it has been delivered to your doorstep. It can easily be assembled in 8 to 10 minutes without any hassle. You can manage this effortlessly by following the steps given below:

Steps For Installation Of Elecwish Gaming Chair
  • First of all, the folded wheelbase should be opened. The five wheels should be fixed in it.
  • The hydraulic rod should be inserted into the hole between the wheelbase. It joins the lower structure of the chair with a seat above.
  • The metal base should be screwed with a seat pan to be attached to the hydraulic cylinder.
  • Now the backrest should be fixed with the seat pan.
  • After fixing the backrest in the right position, the armrests should be attached on both sides.

Now the chair is fully assembled and ready to sit by following the easy instructions mentioned above.

What We Like?

  • A built-in footrest is present
  • The PU faux leather covering makes it long-lasting
  • A wide variety of color options is available
  • Small adjustable pillows on the headrest and the lower back area
  • Big chair suitable for everybody
  • The gold triangle adjustable armrests are present
  • The high-density thick cushion used in manufacturing
  • The tilt lock system helps to achieve the perfect position

What We Don’t Like?

  • It might be difficult for some people to assemble the chair
  • The thick cushion might degrade after sometime
  • Some people might feel the chair is flimsy

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming chairs bad for posture?

No, gaming chairs are perfect for posture. They provide extra lumbar support and maintain the correct body posture while sitting for long hours in the office or during a prolonged gaming session.

Are gaming chairs worth it for office work?

Yes, gaming chairs are worth the office work. They can be good for the people who stick with the chairs on a long office day. Their extra-thick, high-density cushion gives you the ultimate comfort compared to the typical reclining chair for work.

How tall should my gaming chair be?

The height of the gaming chair should be as long as you can keep your feet flat on the ground. This reduces the pressure on the thighs and the knees, promoting blood flow in the lower body.

How long do gaming chairs last?

The longevity of the gaming chair depends upon the materials used in the manufacturing process. A good-quality gaming chair can last up to five years without tearing off. The framework remains intact, with all the movements being done efficiently.

How do you sit in a gaming chair?

While playing the game, it is recommended to sit with your back straight. The height of the armrests should be equal to the desk, putting less pressure on the elbows. The knees and the back should both be at 90 degrees.

Are gaming chairs worth it for your back?

Yes, gaming chairs are worth it for your back. Gaming chairs are designed to provide support and comfort for long gaming sessions. They come with adjustable backrests, lumbar support, and armrests to cushion your back and neck. They also help keep your spine in the proper alignment to reduce fatigue. Ultimately, gaming chairs can help improve your posture, reduce back pain, and make your gaming sessions more enjoyable.

Final Words About Elecwish Gaming Chair

The Elecwish gaming chair is the best as far as I know. It can give solutions to all your problems. Whether suffering from back or joint pain or a stiff neck, this covers it all. It is a twin-in-one chair that can be best used for both offices and your gaming studio.

A high-quality chair that has been designed after taking inspiration from racing cars is so unique. It can be used by people of all sizes and has no gender restrictions as well. The versatile functions can lead to the ultimate comfort and satisfaction of the customers.

It is a complete package of color, design, and features. I think every gaming enthusiast on earth would love to get their hands on this amazing piece of furniture. It can be a good investment that you won’t regret ever in life. All the details, including the tiny ones, have been mentioned to decide for yourself.

Happy Shopping!

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